What is Type 2 Diabetes?

There are many sources that you can go to and get a more detailed explanation of type 2 diabetes.  Check out the below links for detailed information.  I don’t want to repeat something that someone with more medical knowledge can explain in more detail.

But let me give it a try.  Type 2 diabetes begins as insulin resistance and accounts for between 90 to 95% of all diagnosed cases of diabetes.  This is a disorder where the cells do not use insulin properly.  Specifically, sugar in your blood is not able to get into your muscle cells.  Click here to see a PDF graphic that I obtained in the “diabetes training” I recieved from my health care provider.

The insulin hormone that unlocks the cell walls to let sugar in is being resisted.  Sugar cannot download into the cell OR the cells cannot upload the sugar in the blood system.  The task of the insulin is to facility this transfer.  Type 2 diabetes is often called: Insulin Resistance.  

Sugar in the blood gets higher becasue it can’t get out of the blood and into the cells, so the blood gets thicker like syrup and damages the body. 

Very simple problem, but what is the solution?  That is why you are at this website and you want to know, “Can we reverse type 2?”   My story is, yes; type 2 diabetes reversal is possible.  A type ii diabetes cure is available.  How to treat insulin resistance and begin your type two diabetes cure is right here at this website.

Now that you understand what type 2 diabetes is, click here to read about diabetes symptoms and click here to read about diabetes complications.

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