How to motivate yourself

Motivating yourself to change is the hardest thing you will ever do.

The easiest way to imagine motivation is to visualize that something is after you and you are running from it.   The cure for diabetes type 2 is no different. 

Imagine an evil diabetes warrior is running after you.  He is trying to take your life.  But he cannot do it all at once because he is not strong enough.  All he can do is to damage you one step at a time until the accumulated damage kills you. 

He will cut your feet so you cannot run.  He will blind you so you cannot see him.  He will damage your kidneys to suck your energy.  He will clog your arteries, give you a stroke, maybe a heart attack. 

How are you going to defend yourself against the evil diabetic warrior attack?  Would you throw something at him?  I think you would throw whatever you had at your disposal.  You would throw dart, hand grenades, etc.  Would you throw a steak, cheese, sour cream and other food items that will make you lighter and faster to reverse type 2 diabetic warrior’s attack?

Another method to motivate yourself is passion.  Do you have a passion for your health, family or life?  What would you give up so you could endulge in your passion?  Would you give up fatty foods?

Passion! What thing (s) do you love? What idea or activity drives you?  What activity moves you will energy?

Nick V asks the quetion, “How are you going to finish?  Strong?”

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You have everything you need to reverse type 2.  The question is using the correct sail on your sail boat in the different winds of life.  Find the correct sail.

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