How I motivated myself

After being on Dr. Atkins “maintenance diet” for years I was slowly gaining weight.  My blood glucose was still a little high (140 +/-) and my cholesterol was borderline.  No problem I was over the double-nickel (55) and was in pretty good shape.

But when I was diagnosed “Diabetic”, my world collapsed.  Click here and read more about my situation.

I mention this because that is where my motivation began – FEAR!   Many in my family before me had diabetes and my Uncle Tom died at 57 from diabetes complications and my grandmother died of gang green when her leg would not heal from an injury.

I knew some things about diabetes but not as much as I learned “googling” diabetes.  I learned two things:

  1. There is no reversing diabetes (but they were encouraging and helpful)
  2. Diabetes complications were real and could make life miserable.

I thought that motivating myself to change my diet was going to be impossible because:

  • I love chocolate (and sugar)
  • I had tried changing my diet before with no success.

No doubt it would be the hardest thing I would ever do.  Now I know that some people have an easy challenge changing something in their life but changing something you love (my diet) seemed impossible to me.

In all of the research I did, I came across a book and a DVD from a friend just like you are doing right now.  The difference is that my friend Faye did NOT know is the diet change worked or not.  You are at an advantage because this website is about my success with it.

I was motivated

I had knowledge of deaths by diabetes.

The evil diabetes warrior was after my life.

The FEAR of diabetes was real.  I suggest you look at some pictures and get a gruesome view of what diabetes can do.  Get the picture, get the knowledge and get the FEAR of how you will die if you don’t change your eating habits.

Understand, realize and accept the fact that you have 2 choices:

  • Change your diet (eating habits) OR
  • Die at the hand of the diabetes warrior.

Watch the DVD and read the book and prepare some meals.   You will get hooked.   I did.

Now I am even more hooked.  I can “sample” deserts if I want.  I can “indulge” in dark chocolate if I want.   The reason is that I have learned that FAT is the problem.

You see, I was eating pretty good and my blood chemistry was looking worse and worse.  I was bound to get some disease associated with FAT: heart attach, stroke, heart disease, blocked arteries,or something.

Now, I hate to say it, but I am thankful for diabetes.  I realize now that diabetes has forced me to change my diet before something serious happened and I would not be able to enjoy my children and grandchildren and my retirement years.

Furthermore, I can now have things that I could not eat on the ADA diet, experiencing foods and seasoning that are more than worth the sacrifice.

And best of all, I can continue to “indulge” in my Dove dark chocolates.  So I guess it boiled down to do I want the fat french fries and greasy donuts or do I want to savor the finer things in life?  The Dark Chocolate won!!

Now go motivate yourself and order the resources that I used.  Let me know how it is working for you.

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