Motivation to reverse type 2.

Have you ever heard the question, “When is the best time to plant an Oak tree?”  If so then you know the answer…. twenty years ago.

That is what I am talking about.  When are you going to take action to treat insulin resistance in your body?  When are you going to find the cure for diabetes type 2 for you?  Is it going to be when diabetes has blinded you?  Given you kidney failure?  Can’t feel your feet anymore?

Now is the time to plant the Oak tree and now is the time to reverse diabetes type 2.

You might need a little help on how to motivate yourself so let me help.   Click here to see how I motivated myselfClick here to get some of my suggestions on motivating yourself.

The bottom line is that you have two choices:’

  • Change your eating habits (diet)


  • Prepare for drugs and maybe dietbetic complications

I do not know you or your situation and I do not want to say that you will get diabetic complications.  But I do this… everyone who gets diabetic complications thought at one time, “that won’t happen to me.”  How do I know?  Well, I may not know but I bet that is what you were thinking and that is what I thought in three situations in my life.

In the near fatal car accident, I remember the car getting hit and I was spinning around thinking, “this is not suppose to be happening to me.”   As the police escorted me to the jail while I was a minor in possession of a quart of beer, “this can’t be happening to me.”  As the doctor told me that I was type 2 diabetic, “this is not suppose to happen to me, I eat so good.”

Well, diabetes has happened to me and to you.  Learn how to revese type 2 diabetes by reading this site and when you think you are ready, order the materials.

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