My Records

This sheet is my notes from my doctor visit on 1-13-11. The top section shows my 8-hour fasting blood glucose levels from some of my old lab reports. The were 144, 146, and 152. This should have been between 90 and 120.  The bottom section are the results from my 2-hour test.  Note I did not get the 1 1/2 hour result.

The following sheets are PDFs of my diary.  These are were I keep my blood glucose readings and notes on what I eat.

Diary 1 from 2-21-11 to 3-10-11.  I averaged my before meal and my 2-hour after meal.  (99.3 and 138.7 respectfully)

Diary 2 from 3-11-11 to 3-21-11.  I averaged my before meal and my 2-hour after meal (102 and 141 respectfully).  Note I got off of the wagon a little.

Diary 3 from 3-24-11 to 4-7-11.  I transfered from one type of meter to another and had a gap in my blood sampling.  I tested the two meters with same blood (101 and 115 – not bad).  Also note that I had a lab test 4-5-11 and wanted to compare the One Touch strip (100) and the lab sample (102).  Also note my blood glucose at 148 4-7-11.  Why was this up near my 8-hour fasting sugar beform Metformin?  I realized that I had forgotten to take the Metformin.

Diary 4 from 4-8-11 to 4-24-11.  Note 4-13-11 when I went to see my doctor.  There records show I had lost 16 pounds.

Diary 5 from 4-25-11 to 5-11-11.  Note on 5-1-11 I forgot to take Metformin that morning and my blood glucose was low.

Diary 6 from 5/12-11 to 5-28-11.  Note on 5-19-11 documents when I stopped taking Metformin.  Notice how low my blood glucose levels ar low.

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