The ADA and CDC Plan to treat diabetes type 2.

The ADA and CDC way of treating diabetes type 2  is old and out of touch.  I have been doing it for years and it has gotten me nowhere.

You can go to American Diabetes Association and find plenty.  You can go to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and find more.  You can read books by well know doctors in nutritional health such as Dr. Don Colbert and his book “The New Bible Cure for Diabetes” to get further information. 

Dr. Colbert’s book gives these main headings:

  1. Loss weight
  2. Get good nutrition
  3. Get plenty of physical activity
  4. Take your nutrients and supplements
  5. Work on your spiritual and emotional strength.

CDC prints a booklet “Take Charge of Your Diabetes”.  In its chapter “Controlling Your Diabetes” it has 3 points:

  1. A few things about food
  2. A few things about physical activity
  3. A few things about diabetes medicine.

The standard treatment for diabetes type 2 is: a) diet and b) physical activity.  In all of this the hope is that you are getting the nutrition that you need, you are emotionally driven to stay with your medication, and that you will loss weight with some physical activity.

My question to you is simple:  How would you like to reverse type 2 diabetes?  I am not talking about treating your diabetes.  Reverse it!

You can reverse type 2.  It seems hard because you are in a comfortable rut.    It seems hard because you have to “CHANGE” some things.  Change takes effort, drive and determination; that is hard.

But the fact is that what you need to do to cure type 2 diabetes is simpler that what you have to do to treat diabetes the ADA and CDC way.  Are you ready?  Are you motivated?  Do you want to forget about that hot sweaty old exercise program?

If you want a full life, you cannot keep doing what you have been doing that got you where you are today.    Come join me and just reduce the fat.  No fat!  NO FAT!  NO FAT!!

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