The Plan. Reverse type 2 like I did!

The plan was simple.  Do not follow the ADA guide.  I have been doing that for years after learning about it from a friend Brian Johnston.  Brian lost 50 pounds on a “low carb” diet and I was impressed.

I tried it and it worked.  I lost weight BUT my sugar levels were still a little high.   So I had some success but not what I wanted.

Fast forward to today.  Now I have diabetes and that “low carb” diet did not hlep me prevent it; so get a new plan. 

I did some research on reversing type 2 diabetes and found a claims that there is treatment type 2 diabetes.  Just like you, I asked for documentation.  Is there really a cure for diabetes type 2?  If so, did I want treatment of type 2 and how much would I pay to cure type 2?

My diabetes issue boiled down to a question of my motivation.  How motivated was I to treat insulin resistance in my body?  This is the question you have to ask yourself as well.  How motivated are you and what are you willing to do?

Let me tell you I was motivated.  When I looked at diabetes complications I made a decision that I was willing to do anything for a short time to see if I could reverse type 2 diabetes and then I will reevaluate.

Well I found a plan that you can find on the resource page.  The treatment for type 2 diabetes for me was to reduce my fat intake.  I learned that fat was coating my cells and that was the blocking or resisting agent causing my insulin resistance.

I really hope I have not disappointed you with such a simple plan!

Really, I listened to the video, read the book and agreed with my wife to try the “no fat” plan for 30-day and see if it worked for me. 

I don’t know if this “no fat” plan will cure type 2 diabetes for you.  I just know it was my treatment for diabetes.

Are you ready to join try the “no fat” plan?  Before you answer the question with a resounding yes, sign me up, just one more detail and a few questions.

Are you aware of how much fat is in beef?  Fish?  Chicken?  Cheese?  Milk?  Get the picture?  The “no fat” plan is a vegitarian diet! 

Now that I know that eating fat coats my cells and blocks the insulin from doing its job, I can work with this.  I do eat lean meat about once a week.  I eat chocolate when I want.  I do NOT eat anything high fat like cheese, butter, sour cream, etc. 

For more detail on the ADA plan click here.

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